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Event Planning South Beach


Dinner by the Miami River


Pilar Pava Events provide professional services for the planning and implementation of out-of-town event programs and services. Our value as a destination management company primarily rests in the extensive knowledge of the local area, its professional relationships, and local resources. We are of great help to a corporate event and meeting planner who has been charged with coordinating the out-of-town event.  

As a local consultant, our services fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Invitation & Guest Management

  • Program Design: Venue selection and booking, organization of event activities, and event décor

  • Vendor selection and supplier price negotiation

  • Logistics Management: Site inspection, event timeline and schedule, transportation, coordination of guest arrivals and departures

  • Event Registration

  • Coordination of Tours & Activities

  • Accounting and more

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